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AUDIO: Aggie Silver – “This Will End in Flames”

Singer-songwriter Aggie Silver, known as frontwoman of indie rock band Negative/Positive, dropped another single Friday. She ponders big questions here, demanding to know why she should have faith. She’s used to things not turning out well so she struggles to hold onto hope. It’s a bold, energetic tune from Aggie Silver; we look forward to seeing how she’ll keep building

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AUDIO: Aggie Silver – “I Really Hope You Never Hear This Song”

Indie pop artist Aggie Silver, known for being in Negative/Positive, has a new single out. The song is about a girl she once thought she loved; Silver sings with conviction about wishing she felt the right way about this person, and she apologizes for not being able to. She’s sincere and confrontational about this profound conflict of interest. Sometimes things

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AUDIO: Aggie Silver – “I (O)was Better With You”

Aggie Silver is a young bedroom pop artist who appeared on the map this summer with her debut single. She made it in a music production course; she sings of having uncertainty in life but someone or something is making her feel okay. It’s got a syrupy electronic melody as Silver’s vocals soar with angelic gentleness. There’s samples of laughter,

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