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AUDIO: A Warmer Language – “A Warmer Language EP”

Mystic pub rockers A Warmer Language released their debut EP today. It’s three songs – one of which we heard last week (“Plasticity”) – and they all take a theatrical approach to lyrics that conjure palpable scenery. “Melody” touches on themes of fate and destiny while “Into the Void” seems to be about embarking on a risky endeavor with someone.

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AUDIO: A Warmer Language – “Plasticity”

Mystic pub rockers A Warmer Language are out with their debut single. It’s a jubilant one inspired by Irish spirit, with excited and playful lyrics featuring the duet of vocalists Danielle Renee and Jeremy Swenson, encouraging you to go in for the kill. The galloping melody is backgrounded with sunny piano and crashing percussion, making for an irresistibly danceable ditty

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