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AUDIO: 7000apart – “Player 2”

Pop fixture 7000apart’s latest single is about the push and pull of love. Inspired by video games, the song confronts why someone has to win and lose, having what they want versus wanting what they can’t have. Amelie Eiding sings of peeling back the layers of herself, but she remains ensnared by the romantic achievement. Love gets you desperate like

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Alyssia Dominguez, Ben Mulwana

Linneman’s welcomed a charming night of live music on Sunday featuring Alyssia Dominguez, Ben Mulwana, and 7000apart. Alyssia Dominguez is a singer-songwriter based around the western Milwaukee suburbs, known for blending her Hispanic roots with country music. She’s been performing since she was a teenager, as she explains. “I was about seventeen years old when I started really performing out;

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The Cooperage hosted their Midwest Music Showcase on Thursday night, featuring funk-jazz bands Shutter Step and Smoke N’ Mirrors, indie rock singer-songwriter Hanna Simone, and Green Bay’s pop superstars 7000apart. Hanna Simone’s style has shifted overtime. In the past, her music mixed folk with pop and country; now, she’s going in a funky blues rock direction with her new band.

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AUDIO: 7000apart – “Hope”

Pop duo 7000apart have a new single out today dedicated to those struggling with mental illness. It’s an emphatic one; Amelie Eiding sings of clinging onto the light at the end of the tunnel, which is what allows her to endure the pain of now. She embraces the fact that it’s nothing she hasn’t gotten through before, and uses that

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VIDEO: 7000apart – “Nothing to Worry About”

Pop duo 7000apart are out with the visual to their hit song “Nothing to Worry About” from earlier this year. Shot by Jocelyne Berumen, the premise here finds the world descending into chaos. That is, unless 7000apart can help it. The two are found having drinks on a beach while a volcano erupts in the distance, running with aliens, exploring

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AUDIO: 7000apart – “Nothing to Worry About”

Husband-and-wife pop duo 7000apart worked with Grammy-winning Nashville producer FEMKE on their latest single. Despite its upbeat demeanor, this song is their way of saying 2020 sucked. It was originally written in 2018 but the duo dusted it off once the events of the last year transpired. It’s a reassurance song, reminding us that things will inevitably get better no

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