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AUDIO: 7000apart – “Nothing to Worry About”

Husband-and-wife pop duo 7000apart worked with Grammy-winning Nashville producer FEMKE on their latest single. Despite its upbeat demeanor, this song is their way of saying 2020 sucked. It was originally written in 2018 but the duo dusted it off once the events of the last year transpired. It’s a reassurance song, reminding us that things will inevitably get better no

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AUDIO: 7000apart – “Hor av Dig”

The pop duo 7000apart have a new Christmas single out, which they did in collaboration with Suicide Zero. The song’s title translates to “reach out” in Swedish, which the song is entirely in. The duo are passionate about suicide prevention and mental health, especially as those topics relate to the holiday season. Swelling into a piano-driven pop song, the tune

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