AUDIO: NOT – “Stop The World”

NOT is a band formed by Davey Warsop, Brendan Scholz, and Jarred Cooper, who met at a funeral for their shared manager. Kyle Whitmore later joined on drums. The band is inspired by ALL and Descendents, and their debut track “Stop the World” is available now. The band is signed to Wiretap Records and will release a full-length album in the new year.

“So many musicians have unapologetically paid tribute to bands like The Ramones or The Clash… It’s about time someone did the same for ALL. We’re just trying to fly that flag as proudly as possible.” said Warsop.

Scholz added “We certainly aren’t re-inventing the wheel, more so celebrating and paying tribute to the bands that helped define the pop punk genre. So If you like pop punk, you’ll love NOT.” Check out their debut track here:

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