Big Beat MKE 2022 Night One Recap

Big Beat MKE 2022: TStreetz_Beatz vs. Mystik Musik

After much anticipation, the 2022 Big Beat MKE beat battle kicked off on Thursday night at Jackalope Lounj, to a very full crowd. After nearly three years away from the last competition, a new crop of Milwaukee producers were ready to jump on stage in the proverbial ring and mix it up. There was no denying that the Big Beat MKE battle contestants were savvy to the format, using some strategy to walk out on top.

In the first battle of the night, newcomer Oda Damadvillain went toe-to-toe with James Ashen, who was competing in his second Big Beat MKE event. Oda turned some heads with some early atmospheric tracks that incorporated some jazzy samples, while James Ashen came out of the gate swinging with some bass-heavy tracks of his own. The difference in styles made for an interesting contrast in the first battle of the competition, and it would be up to the judges, including the fans for the first time this year. In the end though, James Ashen won both the fan vote and the votes of the judges to move on to the next round.

In the second contest of the night, a pair of beat battle heavy hitters went at it in a very close contest. TStreetz_Beatz and Mystik Musik traded audio blows with some big rounds, with host Twan Mack quipping that he’d hate to be a judge for this battle. The crowd was eating up everything that both beatmakers threw at them, and the electricity was in the air, as we had our first overtime round of the 2022 competition. This is where the strategy came in to play, as Mystik Musik saved a beat with a sample using TStreetz’ name in it, and with some heavy knocking percussion, had the crowd going crazy. It was a very tight contest, and while TStreetz_Beatz actually narrowly won the crowd vote, Mystik Musik walked away with the win, as the collective crowd vote only counts for one judges’ vote.

Not to be outdone, a pair of big performances kicked off Big Beat MKE 2022 as well. Paperstacks set the tone, with a lively set that included Camp Shuttlesworth cohort member C’Zo, and Eli $tones brought things home after the second battle, bringing out a ladder to get up close and personal with the Jackalope Lounj crowd. For the first night of eight weeks, Big Beat MKE did not disappoint in any aspect, and we’re in for a great tournament from here on out.

Join us next week at Jackalope Lounj for battles between Scylla and Hot Science, as well as Ronniebeats and Gucco. We also have performances from 2Hi and NilexNile. It all goes down next week Thursday, so don’t miss it! Here’s your bracket update:

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