Stellar Performance By Singer-Songwriter Mayia In “Nobody” 

Mayia dazzles with her radiance in a new single “Nobody”. The song is absolutely beautiful, capturing quintessential pop, jazz, and r&b elements. She unleashes her powerful voice and immediately commands attention. “Nobody” has some impressive musical arrangements that incorporate simple yet effective hooks using synth pads and cool-sounding beats. But it’s the words and the vocals that make the song unforgettable.

Mayia dropped her debut single “Temporary” earlier this year, making a dramatic entrance into the world of r&b. Truly powerful, the song features accentuated electronic beats that sound almost futuristic and, of course, beautiful Mayia performing her lines with deliberate intention. The artist has been playing musical instruments like the drums, electric guitar and the piano from a very young age which allowed her to have a deep understanding of how music works. Leveraging that knowledge, Mayia is now on the rise!

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