Vincent Poag Reshapes The Folk Tradition Into New LP Masquerade

As the legendary Bob Dylan once did, Vincent Poag, a singer-songwriter from New York City, has been reshaping  the tradition of folk songs into his new album, Masquerade. Listing twelve wonderful songs, this LP is yet another magnificent album by the singer-songwriter. Reminiscent of the giants of the genre, Vincent Poag reveals his bigger than life humanity and sharp vision for spotting beauty and truth, wherever it may be found. 

In perpetual search for meaning, Vincent Poag’s music is simply powerful, so much it contains soul, substance, and love. The Massapequa, Long Island-native was born in the 50’s, and received his first guitar at the young age of 8 years old. His innate artistic abilities led him to compose and create songs from the very beginning of his journey. However, it is only in 2008 that Vincent Poag began recording and releasing his songs, after his wife bought him a series of guitar lessons. 

As the Christmas season approaches, it is a great time to revisit one of Poag’s biggest successes to date, the immense “This Christmas,” from his debut album Circling Back

With millions of listeners around the world, Vincent Poag is clearly there to stay, so make sure to get familiar with his entire repertoire.

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