Steve Edwards’ Pure Imagination Reflected In New Single  “Colour Of Blood” 

“Colour Of Blood” is the new single from recording artist, singer-songwriter, performer and guitarist Steve Edwards. From the new album Born, due to land soon, “Colour Of Blood” was released with a striking music video that visually supports this marvelous sonic experience. 

Steve Edward’s pure imagination and infinite talent are channeled gracefully throughout this love, producing a wholesome feeling that never fades away until the very last note. 

Steve Edwards’ upcoming album, Born, will consist of ten songs, many of them stemming from deeply personal experiences. About the soon-to-be-released album, Edwards shared:

“This time around, I wanted to keep things real and write songs for people like me who have lived a bit of life.” 

With many hits under his belt, Steve Edwards inspires with the artistic quality of his new work, allowing us to believe that the best is yet to come for the versatile artist.

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