Mz Tulip And Mega Sean Sing About The Truth Of The Hip Hop Genre

Hip Hop Carnival” is a song released by husband and wife duo Mega Sean and Mz Tulip as part of their double album ‘The Rise Of M Pt 1 & 2’. In a fun manner, the song tells the story of how many artists in the hip hop genre are no permanent fixtures, but rather pop up and disappear like carnivals each summer.

Mz Tulip is a Scarborough born singer, rapper, and songwriter who had a passion for singing and performing from an early age. Her father was a well-known Toronto DJ throughout the 80’s and exposed her to all different types of music. By the age of 16, Mz. Tulip moved to the City of Mississauga to pursue her passion. In 2007, she met her now husband, Mega Sean, and they connected on every level to eventually create music together.

Lauren Hill and Krs One are some of their musical influences. The sound of their double album ‘The Rise of M Pt 1 & 2’ spans across many genres, including hip hop, reggae, R&B and jazz. Their songs are easy to connect to because they make hip hop music fun and the lyrics are not meant to offend anyone. 

The double album consists of 2 solo projects. This release is to introduce people to the group which will release their debut album later in the year. The group is made up of Mega Sean (Lead Vocalist), Mz Tulip (Vocalist and Singer) and J Vision (Producer). They generally make songs after the music is composed and it is a team effort, “M for Movement”.

At the moment, they are focused on creating music internally. They want to build their brand to the point where other artists seek to collaborate with them. But some artists they enjoy listening to are J.Cole, Jay-Z, The Fugees, Linkin Park and Bob Marley.

They like to perform at festivals as it features a wide audience. It’s also great to try and cater to multiple genres and see just how diverse your sound can get. Social media is important tool for artists as it allows them to interact directly with the listeners and get a feel for what they like.

As a message to her fans, Mz Tulip said: “Thank you for taking the time to listen to our music, we appreciate all of you!”

Listen to ‘Hip Hop Carnival’ by Mz Tulip ft Mega Sean on YouTube and Spotify.

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