JRD And Raymond To Sing About Perseverance And Gratitude

JRD began making music at a young age. His uncle gave him his first guitar and he taught himself how to play it, playing songs from his favourite bands like blink-182 to Escape the Fate. He later began recording and producing music on his own and even produced Raymond To first album “Create How You Were Created”. He is often compared to Juice WRLD; his punk rock side comes from blink 182 and his aggressive style and cadence come from Ronnie Radke and XXXTentacion.

Raymond To, on the other hand, started rapping when he attended Tyndale University, casually free styling with his classmates until he and his colleagues noticed that he had a natural gift in rapping. Raymond is often compared to Logic and Eminem; he delivers fast rap flows and there’s depth within his lyrics.

Go Get It (Count Your Blessings)” has a unique sound, bringing Raymond To’s melodic rap and JRD’s angsty punk rock feel together. It starts off with a catchy hook from JRD reminding you that everyday has the potential to start new. Raymond To’s verse has a nice, melodic flow as he encourages listeners to never give up on themselves because staying determined is the key to becoming a better person.

The message of this song is to be grateful that you can still change because the past does not define you. This uplifting message allows fans to connect with it. They’re encouraged to have a more positive outlook on life, counting their blessings instead of worrying about what they don’t have. With that attitude, and with God’s grace, they can achieve anything.

When writing a song, they just let the beat play, hum melodies over it and if they like the vibe of it, the rest comes naturally. JRD records, produces, mixes and masters pretty much everything himself. He learned that if you want things right, do it yourself. A true D.I.Y veteran. JRD and Raymond To might put out another joint project in the near future after the success of their song “Go Get It”. They love performing outdoors; they recently performed at Brampton’s downtown square and the crowd was as lively as at a festival.

Raymond To would love to collaborate with NF; they’re both Christian artists and he believes they would bring out the best of each other lyrically. JRD would love to collaborate with Travis Barker because of everything Travis is doing for the punk rock community right now. JRD is currently working on an album exclusively produced by xxajii (LiL Lotus brother) but he might drop an EP before the album.

Since we live in a digital world, social media is very important to them. It makes it easy to share thoughts with a click of a button and promote their work. Just last week, JRD got 10k views on the Go Get It Trailer. They want to thank their fans for not just that, but also for being a part of their journey and never giving up on them. The supporters are amazing and allowed them to get where they are now.

Listen to ‘Go Get It’ by Raymond To featuring JRD on YouTube.

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