Matty Holmes Sings About His Toxic Relationship In ‘Someone Else’

It was clear that Matty Holmes’ toxic relationship needed to come to an end, the only question was how? Every time he broke up with her, he would be back where he started in just 24 hours. It was evident that he was prepared to sacrifice just about everything in hopes of gaining her loyalty; she had him right in the palm of her hands.

Someone Else” is part 5 of Matty Holmes’ “Toxic Love” mixtape. The lyrics and melody of the song really take you into the darker side of the toxic love he couldn’t get away from. When he sings “I’ll take two shots for us, you thought there was… someone else”, anyone who has been in a toxic relationship can relate.

Even though he had proof that she was cheating, he put the blame on himself and her upbringing. He tried to find reasons why she was the way she was instead of accepting things as they were; always prepared to forgive her for a simple ‘sorry’ only for her to do the same things again.

Their love story was a roller coaster that became a vicious cycle of insanity. Sadly, once you’ve let the bird out of its cage, it never really comes back for good. It knows that it has a safe place to stay when times get hard. In this situation, Matty Holmes’ girlfriend used him as a safe place to sober up and put her demons asleep. 

Night after night, she accused him of being with someone else, sleeping with someone else or loving someone else when in reality she was the one who had someone else. She was all he wanted and yet she only saw him as another option because he was never prepared to draw the line for their relationship.

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