Nationally Recognized Reggae Artist Madi Simmons Is Still Pushing Out Sweet Reggae Music

Madi Simmons is a well known reggae artist who was voted best indie artist in two different showcases, including the top indie male reggae artist award in 2018. He has released many songs and albums in the past 20 years and toured all over the US, including performances at many major events like Cougar Mountain Fest, Benbow Summer Art Fair, Unity Fest, North Country Fair and even Reggae On The River as an MC and performer.

After having travelled from the Pacific Northwest and Midwest to the West Coast, California and Hawaii, he has now shown interest in travelling to Europe and other parts of the world.

He still continues to push out sweet reggae music. With a wide musical range and a nostalgic sound, you can hear his musical influences in his voice. Some legendary artists that have influenced his music include Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, John Bonham, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Black Uhuru, Gregory Isaac and Dennis Brown. All of their sounds combined in one truly results in something remarkable. 

As the title suggests, “I Won’t Walk Away From Your Love” by Madi Simmons is a song to remind the special someone in your life that no matter what changes you go through in life, your love is still rock solid and you will go through them together. The sound is reggae lovers rock, and it’s a song for everyone who thinks the love they have with their partner is solid, through thick and thin.  

Madi started performing at the age of 16, learning to play the drums and singing. Hence, he is mainly known for playing drums and having a strong vocal delivery; he uses his voice to impress others. He eventually started songwriting, using music as his inspiration. He listens to a wide variety of tunes, from the Temptations and Santana to Lucky Dube and Peter Tosh. He loves them for the lyrical content of their music. When making a song, he likes to hear the melody, the feel and the texture of the melody and the words just start coming to him. He has his own studio and home, but also works with other producers, bouncing tracks back and forth until something sticks.

He’s currently working on a collaboration with a female singer. His new release called ‘Movin On Up’ will have an old school reggae feel to it. He is excited to start performing it at fairs, festivals, farmers markets and even in backyards; just anywhere that has an audience is enough for him. 

The artist believes that social media is a very effective tool in promoting, networking and staying aware of new happening and opportunities. It also allows him to keep in touch with fans, which is very important to him because their support gives him inspiration and motivation to keep doing what he’s doing.  

Listen to ‘I Won’t Walk Away From Your Love’ by Madi Simmons on SoundCloud.

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