Listen To ‘Never Be The Same’ By Alex Uhlmann For Comfort In Trying Times

Born and raised in Luxembourg, Alex Uhlmann initially started his career as a tennis player when he was young and competed in several tournaments around the world. But he quickly turned out to be a jack-of-all-trades. At a young age, he taught himself to sing and play the piano, as well as the guitar. Over time, he exchanged the tennis court for rehearsal rooms and concert halls.

As a Britpop fan, Alex was attracted to the UK and therefore moved to London when he was 18 years old to pursue his passion for music. He played at many different venues in the capital and quickly rose to success. He has since lived in Paris, Bologna, Berlin and Milan, and has not only  been able to develop his skills further, but also left notable footprints across Europe with his music.

The artist has gold and platinum records in Italy, music awards in the UK, and important recognitions for his restaurant in Berlin. He occasionally DJs for AC Milan and is currently the musical director of “The Voice”. Over the course of three years, Alex has played over 200 live concerts all over Europe and has been the lead singer for two bands: London-based indie rock band “Friday Night Hero“ and the internationally renowned Italian band “Planet Funk”.

After several band projects and collaborations, Alex Uhlmann has established himself further as a solo artist, songwriter, singer, producer and DJ. He has had several appearances in radio and TV, as well as mentions in MTV Germany, MTV Italia and in the Rolling Stone Magazine.  

Never Be The Same” is the second single from his upcoming solo EP “Home”. The song is about hope and liberation; Alex acknowledges the difficulties and changes in life and reassures the listeners that they can power through them. The song reflects on the importance of striving for an objective–a definite goal, which helps us overcome the challenges that are thrown at us and puts the personal journey through life into perspective. This is made clear in the lyrics: ‘We will never be the same but we won’t fall apart because we know what we’re fighting for’.

In regards to the difficulties in his own life, the artist said: “For me, these challenges are usually overcome by my passion for music. In time, I realize that those challenges are part of life, and without some of them I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Alex wrote most of the songs in the EP on his guitar or piano. He then worked on them with Luca la Morgia and his producer, Steve Lyon, did the final touches. It was all in all a team effort. The multitude of electronic music collaborations he has done in the past with artists like David Morales and Planet Funk certainly have had an influence on his sound. Some other major musical influences include The Beatles, Oasis, Damìen Rice, the Kashmir, Radiohead and Coldplay.

Having covered a long journey in Europe, Alex now wants to collaborate with someone from a place that he has never been to before, for the experience and the adventure. He would love writing and then recording together in Buena Vista Social Club, Cuba or working with someone like Salif Keira in Mali.

Although he is not a social media veteran, Alex believes that it is an important platform for him that allows him to connect with people, especially his fans. He appreciates his fans’ support and enthusiasm for “Home”, his first solo EP coming out in September. The EP will be available on streaming platforms, as well as a Vinyl Special Version. His first solo headline tour is to follow in Spring 2022, so stay tuned!

Listen to ‘Never Be The Same’ by Alex Uhlmann on Youtube and Spotify.

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