Pariz Noir Presents The “Skin On Skin” Experience

After amassing over 100K plays on Spotify alone with her previously released hit single, “Save Yourself,” Pariz Noir returns with an even stronger proposition, the single “Skin On Skin.” The Miami, Florida-based Colombian singer-songwriter has been on the high rise since the release of “Lust” and “Las Olas” last year, showing prolificity and an inspiring creativity since then. Her new song is an entire experience on its own, one everybody can relate to. She signs about wanting to get physical with a girl she’s attracted to, making it clear from the very beginning that she is not looking for any commitment. 

Her signature dark-R&B style is becoming trendier by the day, as it merges raw and honest lyrics with melancholic and solemn soundscapes that pair beautifully with both Noir’s vocals and vibe. 

With releases such as “Save Yourself” and “Skin On Skin,” Pariz Noir is making it clear that she has all that it takes to become one of the next major R&B figures in music.  

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