The Sweet Melodies In Jah Ble$$’s Song “Hercules” Will Leave You In Awe

Hercules” is Jah Ble$$‘s first song with his collective “The Ble$$ed One$”. The song is fun and brash, meant to appeal to the teenage audience. It’s a song you can play anytime or anywhere; it’s easy to dance and sing along to and will always hype you up. The new age of music is here and the song “Hercules” reflects that.

Describing the song, the artist said: “The song is unapologetically us. There’s no gimmick or underlying narrative to it, just turn on the song and let it play.” 

Jah Ble$$ prides himself for the fact that his sound is very versatile. He grew up listening to many different types of music and sounds.  He has been influenced by reggae, pop rock, and melodic rap the most and he uses that influence to cultivate his own music. The artist loves melody in music, from progressions to vocal cadence and those genres were like goldmines to him when developing his sound. 

Jah Ble$$’s music is largely focused on speaking his story and truth, his emotions play a large role in what type of song you’ll hear. He tries to reflect his emotions in his music, no matter what that emotion may be, so it’s easy to relate to his music when you are feeling the same way.

Music is constantly on his mind, regardless of what he’s doing. He’s always writing lyrics, thinking up flows and cadences, and thinking on topics to write about. When making his songs, he usually searches for the pocket or flow where it allows for the most melody. This trick makes his songs catchy and easy to sing along to. 

The artist said, “I want people to sing-a-long, I want the song to be stuck in their subconscious for a week, and I want people to hear it for the first time then know the song by heart on the next listen.”

He mixes all of his songs on his own and curates all the beats that him and his collective use. He likes doing everything himself so he has basic knowledge of every element in a studio session, from engineering to production and everything in between. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he’s also self-taught!

Jah Ble$$ doesn’t have much experience performing yet but seeing Juice Wrld’s performance live was a life changing experience for him. That was the day he decided he had to get there, and attain even a fraction of what Juice Wrld had.

The artist wants to collaborate with  Kanye and Pharrell in the future, whether it’s on the beats or on the verses. The two have always been his idols and he would love to be in the same room as them and witness their creative process; just see how they create the masterpieces that have inspired him to be proud of who he is and never let anyone put out his inner fire.

His current favourite artists are Baby Keem and $not. He believes their music truly encapsulates our generation and they can become the next superstars. He’s also been listening to UK artists like Digga D and Arrdee.

Social Media is the ultimate weapon for artists of today. It’s essential for cultivating and building your fanbase. Jah Ble$$ is still learning how to use it and avail it’s benefits completely, but it’s going to be a large part of his brand soon. He will use it to maintain his presence and notoriety in the music industry.

The Ble$$ tape is coming very soon. It will feature every member of “The Ble$$ed One$” and showcase each of their own styles and abilities. It will be genre bending, super fun and moshpit heavy, new generation music..

As a message to his fans, Jah Ble$$ said: “To my supporters and supporters to be: strap in, get your listening ears ready, your moshpit legs stretched, and prepare to witness the greatest journey to the top you ever did see.”

Listen to ‘Hercules‘ by Jah Ble$$ on Spotify.

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