Jamaican Reggae Artist IrieAC Is Just The Right Person To Listen To When You’re In A Beachy Mood

IrieAC is a Reggae Recording Artist with vocals as smooth as the Cool Caribbean breeze. His songs are easy to listen to and his sound is something along the lines of Bob Marley meets Shaggy. He is an independent artist who has now started to share his vocal talents to audiences around the world.

Born in the rolling hills of Saint Catherine, Jamaica, he was given the name Andrew Lloyd Comrie. IrieAC has been singing for as long as he can remember. He wanted to pursue a recording career while attending high school; he was approached by a promoter at the time but that never materialized. 

IrieAC migrated to the United States and immediately enlisted into the military, which gave him the opportunity to not only travel, but also to showcase his vocal abilities, which was something on his list of top priorities. 

IrieAC recently completed his debut album titled “Jam*A*Ica” which is currently number one on the regional charts and among the top 100 songs worldwide for Reggae on Reverb Nation. The album was released on April 23, 2016. Other albums released by IrieAC also released other albums, namely: Reggae Christmas in November 2016 and IrieAC Essentials in December 2017. 

His songs, Jam*A*Ica and Beautiful Island Home, are of a similar nature and could be the theme songs used by the Jamaica Tourist Board for their advertising campaigns. IrieAC recently performed at the Palm Beach Curry Festival, and various other reggae events between South Florida and Jamaica. He has shared the stage as an opening act for plays featuring popular Jamaican actor Shebada in South Florida. If you love Sanchez, Beres Hammond and Christopher Martin, then you will naturally be captivated by the musically cool Island breeze, also known as IrieAC.

Irie AC is currently working on his 5th studio album which is scheduled to be released on 11 July 2021. “So Many Girls” is the lead single on this album and it has been released on YouTube. The artist believes that listeners can relate to the message of this song since it’s about finding that special someone in your life.

His musical influences are Bob Marley, Micheal Jackson, Beers Hammond and Dennis Brown. He would love to collaborate with Beres Hammond, Luciano Marcia, Griffith Capleton, Sanchez and John Legend in the future.

He uses several producers from Jamaica, who are young and talented, but he records his own vocals. The artist’s inspiration to write music comes from his life and his experiences. No music is necessary, but he can write to music as well as melodies that come to his mind.

Listen to ‘So Many Girls’ by IrieAC on Youtube.




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