Nraakors Share The Charismatic New Album Hoppel Poppel

Iowa crew Nraakors are releasing a 59-minute new album titled Hoppel Poppel, offering 19 distinct tracks ranging from folk rock ballads to neoclassical compositions and even an electronic track. 

Nraakors is the sonic alter ego of James Kasper, Gigi Macabre, Joseph Norman along with musician friends who have been collaborating on the magnificent new album Hoppel Poppel, recorded, produced, arranged and mixed by themselves. 

The tracklist is especially impressive knowing that we are witnessing a nascent band. 

These infectiously well-crafted folk-rock gems, neo-classical and french filmscore gems will occupy your cranium space long after play.

This truly charismatic collection of songs has something to offer for all different kinds of tastes, from its more mainstream rock songs to a jazz composition without forgetting to mention our own favorite, the neoclassical/French film score compositions featuring some beautiful instruments such as “Fanfare for an Uncommon Swan” and “Blood Sausage For Breakfast.”  

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