‘I Can’t Help’ by The HiCats Is About Everyday Thoughts, Struggles, and Achievements During Pandemic

‘I Can’t Help’ by The HiCats was the fastest song they have ever created. The band had another song scheduled to release around the same time but the video shoot was delayed. The artists say, ‘We were sitting on 6 completed songs before we even had the beat for ‘I Can’t Help’. We inquired about the beat from a local producer we know, Adam Trapp. The day we got the beat Mitchell Heaton recorded a hook and a verse right away and sent it to Stealth Elementz instantly. Stealth loved it and wrote a verse of his own. We recorded the song 2 days later and submitted it for release 2 days after that. We just knew this song was special, based on how fast it came together and what it meant to us at the time because of the energy of the song related to what we were going through in Ontario with the Covid shutdowns and stay at home orders. I think fans connect to most of our music because of the authenticity behind it. We are very feelings driven, but this song especially speaks to people with how raw and honest the lyrics are.’

The artists’ sound could be described as hip hop with emotions. It is clear what era of hip hop the artists grew in, and it is relatable to a lot of people, but not outdated at the same time. 

The HiCats are inspired by Jay Z, Eminem and many more different artists, from Royce da 5’9″ to Justin Bieber. 

The band says that often they think of punchlines or song lyrics randomly, even hooks and melodies can be created without the instrumental sometimes.

Right now the goal for the artists is to release singles and build their brand. There are talks to release an EP in the near future because they have lots of completed songs that they are happy with, but being strategic in what the band put out at what time is something they have their focus on right now. 

The artists say that people live on social media and it’s a way to engage with people and fans in a way artists couldn’t before. If fans can see a bit into your life it makes them appreciate the music you put out that much more.

The HiCats want to thank all their fans for the support, and they are feeling blessed that they can do something they love every day and it actually brings people joy.

Listen to ‘I Can’t Help’ on YouTube and Spotify.







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