Anthony Wexler Presents A Soulful Soft-Rock Ballad With “Fragile”

Northeast Philly-based Anthony Wexler, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in the United States, presents a soulful soft-rock ballad titled “Fragile,” his latest release. 

Revolving somewhere between pop and soft-rock, his gorgeous guitar line strengthens the substance of his music, and brings to life his deeply moving lyrics straight to the heart of the listener.  As he talks about his relationship with God at the time when he wrote “Fragile,” he shares the significant message that despite going through times when things seem very fragile, we can all surpass our fears and choose to strengthen our faith. Wexler has had troubles with mental health and anxiety, but thanks to his faith growing stronger by the day, he’s found ways to cope with his issues.

Two of his singles have been produced by a multi-platinum producer, who has previously worked with Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Madonna, among many others. Anthony Wexler’s single “Goodbye” was considered for a Grammy.

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