A Fire Track Matched by Fire Vocals: Listen Now to Carey Renee’s Hit “House is Burning”

Carey Renee has recently dropped a new single, “House Is Burning,” boasting spine-chilling vocals and lyrics. The artist talks on her website about her musical past and influences as she made her way through hardships. After dabbling in a few of her artistic skills, Renee found her ultimate voice, which led her to create this hit track.

The song’s powerful words and even more robust instrumental soundscapes have made it an all-time hit amongst the crowds. Renee keeps repeating the hook “this house is burning” throughout the song, making it all the more catchy and emotional. As she spills over an emotionally transparent track, the artist is met by much praise and recognition for her talents.

The artist also dropped the music video of the song, boasting an even greater impact than perceived. The video scenes may seem ordinary at first, but they take a drastic turn as viewers see Carey play with matches. The fiery music video perfectly complements the artist’s dynamic track and vocals.

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