Justin S. Grant Releases New Single With Lyrics Video – “Run Away”

After “Don’t Go!” and a cover for “Let It Be,” American songwriter and recording artist Justin S. Grant releases a Hip-Hop track titled “Run Away.” Although the song blends several influences, it clearly situates itself within the urban genre, as Grant speaks and raps the lyrics, throughout a palpable tense atmosphere that sustains until the end. Unrequited love is the main theme chosen by Justin for this release, while he pursues a girl that does not react the way he would want, and always runs away from him. The lyrics video adds a nice element to the project, but the big reveal will clearly be the music video that should be released sometimes this week. A versatile and eclectic artist, Justin S. Grant alternates between experimental pop, soft rock, and Hip-Hop, bringing diversity in his sound and taking risks while most chose the safe lane. 

Aside from music, the Santa Barbara, California-native is also a successful entrepreneur, singer, author, and speaker. His full life is a result of his experience in diverse sectors throughout his journey. His best-selling book, Business & Spirituality ~ Secrets of Personal, Professional, & Planetary Evolution offers a pragmatic path for truth-seekers in the global era. 

Have a listen to “Run Away” until the music video drops!

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