‘Really Don’t Make A Difference’ by 2deege Makes You Aware Of What Is Going On In Society

‘Really Don’t Make A Difference’ by 2deege is a song from the artist’s new EP ‘Homecourt Advantage’. It was inspired by him noticing how girls interact with people. He put his experiences on this subject into a perspective and created this track. The fans can immediately identify this song as a hip-hop piece and also relate with an easily understandable topic. 

The artist writes music about everything that is going on in his mind and also keeping in mind the audience’s ear and what they would like to hear. 2deege tries to stay true to himself and in tune with his artistic craft. He says, ‘I purposely target the hip-hop beats that are most liked and have the most potential growth during this day and age for my records. Then, lyrically I highlight my strength (which is my flow) and put language art into the effect by better controlling my wordplay to create dynamic lines.’

2deege appreciates all the support he gets from his fans and assures them that his creativity is something he will never run out of. He likes to connect with people who listen to his music on different social media platforms and get to know them better. 

Listen to ‘Really Don’t Make A Difference’ on Youtube.



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