Saint Rien Drops Debut Single ‘Tell the Truth’ & Announces The Release Of Its Music Video

Australian-born, USA-based artist Saint Rien released a debut solo single titled ‘Tell The Truth,’ a political manifesto of his beliefs and attitude. 

The single kicks off with an EDM-feel beat settled on an electro trumpet that makes up the rhythm for the whole song. Saint Rien enters with his whispery semi-rap vocals to then switch to fully developed singing by the end of the song. 

Saint Rien’s candy-like voice speaks out about our social and political struggles and wisely comments on our pretty screwed-up reality. Even though he is not taking up any side for any political affiliation, and is neutrally addressing his message, he admits that we ain’t no good, and that it’s time to wake up and shake up the media that mess up with our brains on a daily basis. 

Yesterday, Saint Rien announced on his Instagram that he will be dropping the music video for ‘Tell The Truth’ very soon:


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