Shirena Parker: A Hip-Hop Star from the Middle East Sings About Hurt and Betrayal in Her New Song ‘Loud’

Shirena Parker is a war orphan, immigrant and refugee who is not afraid to stand out by being the first from her country to compete in hip-hop in the United States. Looking to break barriers and stereotypes she speaks on pain and the journey that led her to where she is now. 

Shirena’s new single ‘Loud’ is coming out on April 1st. The artist admits that even though every song is personal to her, this one has a special place in her heart. ‘Loud’ is about what it feels like to be blindsided or hurt by someone who was supposed to be in your corner. Shirena is positive about her fans relating to the song because everyone has felt hurt and betrayal at some point.

Her journey to the music world started with an instrument. Shirena says: “Before I felt like I could sing my own music, I started writing on the piano. It became the most important outlet in my life and I just tried to continue to grow in my craft from there.” 

Even though Shirena writes her own music and lyrics, she says she could not do everything without her incredibly talented producers. 

The artist’s main musical influences include Derez De’Shon and Big Sean, to whom she listens a lot and praises their lyricism and storytelling.    

The artist looks forward to the future since she has only been putting out music for a year. When asked about a full album or EP, Shirena says: “At this point, I’m going through my journey along with my fans, so putting out singles has been the easiest way for me to connect with them, when I’m experiencing whatever it is I’m going through.

Social media is also important for Shirena because her career took after starting to post singing videos on Instagram.

The singer sends a warm message to her fans: “At the end of the day each life is important. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been the kid that was forgotten. Nobody is insignificant. I see you. I care. I sing for you.

Listen to Shirena’s music on SoundCloud and Spotify

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