‘The Realest’ By Benni Blanka Mixes the Fundamentals of Hip-Hop with New School Sound

If there’s anything that describes Benni Blanka’s sound, it’s the punchline and bars of Jadakiss with the lyrical content of Kendrick Lamar. Some of his musical influences include Max B, Curren$y, Rick Ross, and Jay Z.

Benni Blanka prioritizes telling his perspective through his flow when writing his songs. He doesn’t half-heartedly spit bars to his audience; he thinks about every lyric he sings. According to him, the secret to making a hit song is to make sure the track has deep meaning.

His latest single, ‘The Realest,’ is one of Benni Blanka’s hit songs. From the sick fundamentals of hip-hop to the new school, this track carries it all. It has insane flows and strong lyrical content, which is everything a hip-hop fan wants to hear.

Benni Blanka believes that today’s hip-hop scene is missing the real New York hip-hop sound. However, not all is lost as he continues to make music with authenticity. Benni Blanka currently has a new mixtape called Trees&GardenTools2TheAppitizer coming soon.

Listen to Benni Blanka’s ‘The Realest’ on YouTube.


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