Gabriela Reveals Her Gorgeous Vocals In Debut Singles Titled “Grow Up” And “Sun & Earth”

Gabriela, Nashville, TN-bred r&b singer-songwriter, released her debut single “Grow Up,” amazing listeners with her gorgeous vocals. The 20-year-old rising r&b talent was born and raised in McAllen, TX, where she started singing at the age of 8 years old. Her passion for music grew stronger over time; however, she was not actively pursuing a singing career from the beginning. She devoted her time to making the best of her natural talent and not only worked hard to perfect her vocals but also learned to play piano and guitar. 

She keeps the bar high in her newest single, “Sun & Earth,” a mixture of Latina wave, pop, and R&B. The lyricism is mature and poetic. The artist sings both in English and Spanish giving a tribute to her heritage. Through “Sun & Earth,” Gabriela experiments with her sound. The two songs are also very different in the themes they address and their lyrical styles. 

“Grow Up” allows the multitalented young artist to demonstrate her musical palette and vocal range. The song is about not letting the past affect your future. Gabriela knows that even though letting go of her teenage years and people from her past is painful, it is still the only way she can move forward. The artist makes it clear she won’t let anyone or anything hold her back from her dreams. 

The theme on “Grow Up” is relatable to anyone leaving behind the reckless days and entering adulthood. That period is probably one of the most dramatic and heartbreaking ones in the course of human life, but we all have to go through it. Gabriela makes us all remember our own struggles with growing up, yet she motivates us for a better and brighter future free of hurtful connections. Only by leaving the past can we move forward towards our dreams.

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