PipNyce Raps About the Harsh Reality of Being in Gangs in ‘I Fell in Love with The Streets’

Michael Gonzalez, a.k.a. PipNyce, is an artist and rapper whose songs are Spanish and English. He self-produces all his songs. With the songwriting process, he listens to the beat first before writing the lyrics. He shares, “I hear the beat, and the beat tells me what to say.”

PipNyce has performed in different major cities such as New York, Florida, and Los Angeles. When given the opportunity to collaborate with another artist in the future, he chooses to work with Drake, Jay Z, and Lil Pump.

His latest single, ‘I Fell in Love with The Streets,’ is about the harsh reality of being in gangs and dealing with drugs. PipNyce says, “I think a lot of us do wrong things because we want to or we have to. This song is about a lot of things like smoking, drinking, dealing, and gang banging. You will connect with this song no matter who you are.”

The new hip-hop track is part of PipNyce’s 2020 album This Life I Chose. The album includes other singles such as ‘Princesa Pervesa’ and ‘All About My Bag.’ Several artists have influenced him with his music. PipNyce looks up to Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube, The Notorious B.I.G., Lil Pump, and Jay Z.

Listen to PipNyce’s ‘I Fell in Love with The Streets’ on Spotify.



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