‘Day Dreaming’ by Zo.Lyfe is about love, affection, and self-expression

Hip-hop and RnB music producer Zo.Lyfe has been producing music since he picked it up as a hobby in 2006. Born in Long Beach, California, ZO was surrounded by music growing up and knew that’s what he wanted to do.

During their high school freshman year, ZO and his best friend talked about becoming producers as adults and sharing their music with the world. ZO’s sound ranges from west coast funk, spiritual vibes, and hip-hop mixed with theatrical sounds and movie score sounding pieces.

His latest single, ‘Day Dreaming,’ is a mixture of modern and 90s RnB. ZO shares, “It’s what I call a feel-good track. It’s very catchy and promotes love with a sense of relaxation.” The song is about love, affection, and self-expression. ZO thinks that most people can relate to these themes.

‘Day Dreaming’ started when ZO’s friend asked him if he could stay at ZO’s house after his mom passed away. His friend lost his home and became homeless to the point that he was sleeping in another friend’s car in Compton. With this, they began making music, and ‘Day Dreaming’ was created.

Listen to Zo.Lyfe’s ‘Day Dreaming’ on YouTube and Spotify.


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