‘Catharsis’ By Modern Mason Is an Ambient Soundscape with A Philosophical Monologue

From a small town in Ontario, Canada, Samuel C. Mason, a.k.a. Modern Mason, grew up in isolation as an only child with guitar and music as his outlet. He started learning heavy rock because he thinks it’s easy to sound decent. With this, Sam would have the chops to study classical guitar and composition at York University in Toronto.

Sam’s music takes shape in ambiance and meditation meant for sleep, introspection, and philosophical expression. In his recent releases, he has started merging synthesizer and electric guitar into his compositions. Currently, his music is described as atmospheric, classical, experimental, poetic, and completely original.

His latest single, ‘Catharsis,’ starts with an ambient soundscape that’s filled with a philosophical monologue. In the song, Sam explains the foundation of all beliefs: self-reflection, love, obsession, and the everlasting void. He shares, “The message I think is universal, and it has elements of psychedelic rock like Pink Floyd. Everyone loves Pink Floyd.”

With the song’s sound, the drums kick in, and it’s post-rock from there on out. It builds off the motifs and themes that occurred in the first 60 minutes of the album. Sam says, “The drums are satisfying, and I think people would be interested in that more than solo guitar.” Additionally, the single is a cathartic release from a psychedelic experience and suffering.

Listen to Modern Mason’s ‘Catharsis’ on YouTube and Bandcamp.

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