CALICO Searches for Something We’re Not Fully Aware of in ‘Oh My Mind’

Based in Victoria, Canada, CALICO is a Folk-Americana collective that’s composed of Tony Cecchetti, Chris Couto, Will Lloyd, and JeanSe Le Doujet. The group of friends connected through writing music together while in the confines of their own homes.

CALICO hopes that their nostalgic and deeply poetic music moves their audience. They share, “We hope it reminds you of a place or a feeling, a lover, your childhood dog, a walk with an old friend on a starry night, or maybe those you miss most in life and don’t see enough. May it bring you joy, peace, and love.”

Their latest single, ‘Oh My Mind,’ is a song about searching. CALICO says, “It’s about searching for something you aren’t fully aware of. You don’t know what it is, where it is, or who it is, but you aren’t fulfilled in your life. There is a void, and that void needs to be filled.”

Additionally, the track is about love. It’s about knowing that there is a soul out there that’s also searching for companionship. The group adds, “We all search for something in life. We search for direction, for love, for stability, for change, and purpose. There always seems to be something. Allow the words of the song to sink in and create its meaning for you in your life.”

Listen to CALICO’s ‘Oh My Mind’ on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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