The New EP TBD From BriGuel Is Finally Out

After their recent releases, and especially after ‘Mind Takes Hold’ was out, audiences were excited about New York City-based artist couple BriGuel’s next move. The duo, Brianne and Miguel, have taken the mission to make the world a happier place. Their new EP release TBD is a follow-up to the EP 2020 Vision. TBD is home to different genres, including Hip-Hop and pop. They also incorporated sounds of electronic music and r&b. 

BriGuel’s vision on TBD is all about spreading hope, love, and tolerance through their music. Sonically their growth is evident on the new EP. Miguel provides his signature sound of melodic hip-hop with lyrical depth, and enchanting pop vocals from Brianne complete the songs leaving us in awe. The duo continues to demonstrate a bilingual approach to songwriting. Their texts are in English and Spanish. In TBD, Miguel raps in both languages, leaving more space for Spanish than before. His inspiration as a young kid came from artists like Michael Jackson. No wonder their music gets even more mature through time, considering who they look up to. 
To see how they grew as musicians, check all the 6 songs that found a place in their new EP TBD; their talent and professionalism will leave you jaw-dropped.

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