Go through life’s phases with Rocco Moon’s ‘autumn’

Son of American singer Ted Nugent, Rocco Moon was raised in the swamplands of rural Michigan. His favorite activities were exploring the great outdoors and playing video games. Now living in Los Angeles, Rocco has been releasing music and honing his craft as a visual/audio storyteller.

He has been working on his upcoming album, Digital Mogli. It’s a deep dive into the late ‘90s cyber jungle of video games with a thick bed of trap drums and falsetto melodies. Rocco describes it as “Frank Ocean and Future found Yeezus while listening to Made in Tokyo”.

autumn’ is Rocco’s newest single from his upcoming album. The song is a long-form honest admittance of progress in life and walking away from previous chapters, just like the leaves that fall from trees. It gives the listener permission to accept everything that has helped them get to this point in time.

Rocco shares, “As life changes colors, so do we. We often get attached to staying in a mood, place, relationship, or job longer than it serves us”. He adds, “We all go through phases, we all get stuck sometimes, some more than others.” Rocco Moon’s Digital Mogli is set to release by early 2021.

Listen to ‘autumn’ on YouTube.


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