Dirty Harry Shakes Back With New Joint “Shake Back”

It’s been more than ten years that Harry Wright, better known in the hip-hop world as Dirty Harry, has been firing up the life of the industry with his utmost creativity and infinite talent. The Broward, FL-based artist, has started working on his career since 2008, but his latest releases are the ones that put him in the spotlight with their irresistible passion and deep drowning attention-catching force. His previous releases of 2020 called “Blue Face” and “Sleepless Nights,” both flow in smooth harmony of swag and groove with mind-blowing edginess, but the rapper really shakes back with his recent release “Shake Back.” 

The song helps show his full potential not just as a rapper but also as a musician and lyricist. He demonstrates his poetic side, his true attitude, mannerism, and devotion to urban culture. With the release of “Shake Back,” the artist definitely owns his place in the hip-hop industry as someone who sets the trends. Let’s wait and see if he can claim that title with further releases. Meanwhile, Harry promised to release a music video for “Shake Back.”

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