“Face It” By Bones Fires Up The Metal Scene

If you are bored with the monotonicity of the music scene and do not want to hear the same two or three tunes in each new song, the singer-songwriter Bones will definitely breathe fresh air into your life. In every detail of his art, the artist owns his path of not going after the hype and creating sounds coming from the heart and soul. His latest underground alternative metal sounding experiment, “Face It,” will leave you open-mouthed. It draws you into its darkness and captures your whole being in the nightmarish reality of its own, but the hell that Bones creates is so enchanting you wouldn’t want to leave. 

The music video for “Face It” matches the spirit of the song. The visuals are filled with the same dark energy. It is both rough and polishing in the beats and surprisingly calm when it comes to melodicism. There is a certain slur in the singing mannerism that gives a unique charm to the lyricism. Give yourself a chance to have the unusual experience of Bones’ “Face It,” you won’t lose anything but the music world may open a new shade to you. 

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