Amirah Is Asking Us To unite Despite Our Differences With Her Powerful Single “Tell Me”

“What should I believe? How can I believe? Am I my name, am I my face? My religion or my race? My tradition or my tribe? Or just this heart that beats inside?”

With these thoughtful lyrics and pacifist messages, the Malaysian-born singer Amirah is trying to unite everyone despite their differences in this time of massive political change taking place in the USA. Soulful, sincere, and understandable, – “Tell Me” becomes “native” from the very first composition of notes. Simply blending traditional elements such as tanpura, gamelan, and tabla with modern pop production, Amirah adds to her songs a timeless quality. There is nothing odd in it – only high-quality music and Amirah’s seductive voice.

While Amirah is trying to get us all together, the Indian community to which she belongs is connected to her with a stronger bond than ever. Not only Amirah, but many other famous Indians like Raja Kumari and Priyanka Chopra are celebrating the election results in the USA, but the real reason for their happiness is Kamala Harris being the first (half) Indian in the White House.

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