RainbowGlory the Rapper Wants Peace in ‘National Reconciliation’

Stephen Zettl, a.k.a. RainbowGlory the Rapper, is part of the small artist community called Definitive Collective. The group is composed of rappers and beat producers that are under Stephen’s record label titled RainbowGlory The Rapper and Productions.

Stephen has been a rapper since 2018. He shares, “I find nothing more liberating than freestyle rapping or making music to set your soul and the bliss of society ablaze. Working with like-minded individuals in that regard makes the experience even more profound.”

Definitive Collective made the song ‘National Reconciliation’ as their testimony to Canadians. With this song, their goal is to absolve any forms of segregation within Canadian society and have all citizens intermingle as true Canadians should. RainbowGlory says “The song is meant to bring peace and communion between all members of Canada as well as provoke a reconciliation event in the listener’s life”.

The collective has recently released two new albums, named 1st of Many Volume 1 and Volume 2. BONECRATE produced Volume 1 with all obscure hip-hop beats. Meanwhile, MEEBUBEATS helped create Volume 2 with all contemporary hip-hop beats.

This is a sentiment that is all too lacking in music today.  Everyone is more focused on highlighting the depths of their own struggles, as opposed to being forward thinkers and understanding that everyone experiences pain and hope is what can unite us.

Listen to Definitive Collective’s ‘National Reconciliation’ on SoundCloud.

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