Sophie Fay Releases Her Brand New EP Handle With Care Filled With Poetic And Deeply Personal Lyrics

New York City-born, underground R’nB artist  Sophie Fay recently released her new EP titled Handle With Care that takes you on a 24-minute journey full of epic and awakening emotions.
With her skillful use of different mixes of smooth, rhythmic along with R&B beats, Dance elements, electro-sounding tunes, and powerful Rock riffs, Sophie managed to create a tracklist of 7 songs which make this project her best so far and it finds her easing up on the soulful hooks and pushing the limits of her voice and imagination.

A perfectly balanced EP, this project matches her innovative vibe as a woman ready to tell her own vision both musically and lyrically while it also sees her moving easily between different moods and styles.
With her voice sounding incredible and the emotional lyrics, Handle With Care brings 2020 the excellence of the R’nB genre and shows us who she is and what Sophie is capable of.

Make sure to stream the EP below!

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