Feel Real Love with AJ Case’s ‘Halfway Home’

AJ Case is an American artist from South Carolina. Growing up in the poverty-stricken and violent south side of Sumter, AJ was surrounded by the sound of gunshots and drug-exchanging hands. He attended an alternative school program in which he met his school mate, Greg Neal. This proved to be a pivotal part of AJ’s journey as Greg sparked his interest in music.

He was immediately intrigued by the guitar and other available instruments. With this, he explored all of the different styles and genres in music. His mother saved every penny she could and bought him his first guitar. With the help of his uncle, Bill Pinckney (a former member and founder of the group The Drifters), AJ developed his prowess and by having musical skills nurtured by a professional.

AJ also discovered a passion for songwriting, which helped generate an illustrious rap career. Being able to share his life experiences honestly through his lyrical style and music is one of the many reasons why his work is so unique and enjoyable to listen to. He describes his sound as “acoustic-driven, live band hip-hop rock with a semi-pop country twist”.

In 2020, AJ released his third album, R.i.P “Running in Place”. He was inspired by what he felt in the past few years. So much had happened to him that it felt like he’s constantly running but always stuck in place emotionally.

Under his latest album comes the song called ‘Halfway Home’. AJ shares, “It’s a song about the love of my life. I think the song captures her essence and energy. It also tells our story”. He believes that everyone has that someone out there to feel real love with. He says, “I’ve just been lucky to be able to express it in a way that I can share it with other people in this way”.

Listen to AJ Case’s ‘Halfway Home’ on YouTube.


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