Sumen Releases A Solid Collection Of Six Songs That You Are Definitely Going To Love

CA-based talented musician Sumen has released his latest works under the form of 6 tracks, titled “Hold Me, Love Me,” “Let It Roll,” “Critical Rescue,” “Silly Songwriter,” “All I Want”  and “The Covid-19 Fix.” This project is his first solo one, after separating from the rock and roll band he had formed back in 2016 after graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

This collection seems to be a remarkable leap out of Sumen’s comfort zone. He could easily have served up another full helping of rock songs, but instead, he’s out on his own way, testing himself, pulling through challenges – something you rarely see in artists and we find this quite impressive. Sumen is undoubtedly an artist to treasure, as he is an overwhelmingly talented vocalist and songwriter. Have a listen to his rock dance music single “Hold Me, Love Me” (which by the way has a music video) and see for yourself.

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