Vibe Out and Dance to TyviOctober’s ‘Chill Tyvi’

Tyrone Roberts, a.k.a. TyviOctober, is an American rapper, actor, and songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Additionally, he is an unsigned artist with a chill-step, lo-fi, and laid back type of music. A few of his musical influences are Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and rappers like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne.

When making music, Tyvi makes the beat first. He then lays some rhymes to the instrumental. He shares, “I love to listen to guitars and piano keys for inspiration; the sound takes me somewhere”. However, he doesn’t self-produce all the time; he has a team of producers by his side.

His single ‘Chill Tyvi’ is a lo-fi melody that has an instrumental with chill vibes that takes you on a journey. Tyvi describes this song as one of a kind. He says “Fans that have a love for beats would gravitate to this song. They can dance or vibe out to the lo-fi feel that ‘Chill Tyvi’ gives off.”

Tyvi is currently working on a new EP. He’s planning to release it in December. Presently, he’s listening to a lot of unsigned musicians from Philly. He shares, “I like to hear what my city has to offer.”

Tyvi is an artistic virtuoso, not just another artist.

Listen to TyviOctober’s ‘Chill Tyvi’ on YouTube and Spotify.

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