‘Upon A Time’ By JRD Will Make You Reminisce About the Old Times

Based in Ontario, Canada, JRD started making music after he broke his ankle during a skateboarding accident. While he healed from his injury, his uncle gave him his first guitar. With this, JRD taught himself how to play the instrument.

Growing up, JRD was with different bands from his hometown. Usually, he would land the role of a rhythm guitarist or back-up vocalist. After joining Seneca College’s Independent Music Production program, JRD gained knowledge on how to create and record songs on his own – establishing himself as a solo artist.

JRD’s song ‘Upon A Time’ is heavily inspired by some of his favorite artists like Blink 182 and Lil Peep. He shares, “‘Upon A Time’ pulls on your heartstrings and makes you think or reminisce about old times with a loved one. It makes you think about the good old days.” Aptly, JRD’s girlfriend is on the song as well; her vocals are at the beginning and end.

JRD’s voice on this song has angst and aggression that he compares to Ronnie Radke’s vocals on ‘Falling in Reverse’. JRD takes inspiration from how XXXTentacion’s music tracks are under 2 minutes. He tends to make his songs short as he believes that there are no rules in music.


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