Watch RADIORGASMO’s Inspiring Approach On New Music Video “Joker”

Berlin based multi-genre band RADIORGASMO have been inspiring the world for quite some time now, and they just recently dropped their latest song and music video, “Joker.” They are originally Italians, but currently live in Berlin, a city that inspires them to create the kind of music that goes against trends, and expands the possibilities of the art through revolutionary lyrics that are aimed at inspiring people to change their perspective when it comes to analysing the way are modern societies have been prioritizing certain aspects rather than others.

“Joker” will be one of the songs listed on their upcoming album Information Is Power , and if Radiorgasmo is consistent, the album will be a masterpiece, given the quality they have displayed on “Joker.” The visuals that have been revealed alongside the song are an amazing way to further convey their messages through video, and viewers will be challenged to the core to witness the massive protests the world has faced recently.  Sonically and visually, Radiorgasmo have found the perfect formula to have the ultimate impact on the audience, on all sensory levels and for all kinds of viewers and listeners thanks to their universal approach to art. 

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