Blakk Mantra Rethink The World On Latest Single “Perhaps We’ll Live”

Two piece alternative rock band Blakk Mantra from Denver, Colorado have recently released a new EP titled Welcome To El Rey Blvd, home to two 

songs, “Perhaps We’ll Live.” The song is a powerful piece on how unreliable the news has become, and the need for a stronger unity between people of the world to overcome the difficult times we are going through. 

In a similar fashion than that displayed in their previous works, Blakk Mantra’s heavy hitting and upbeat sonic designs keep getting better by the day, showcasing their professionalism and endless passion for what they do. 

We are extremely surprised to witness such maturity of topic paired with such brilliant musicality, an explosive combination that should lead these artists to reach the masses in no time, and successfully spread their universal messages of peace. 

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