Seekay Drops Outstanding New Track Titled “Fall”

From the very beginning of the Australian musician’s new track, we were hooked. “Fall” – the brand new release featuring Chloe, sees Seekay continue his journey into the world of dreamy and mysterious soundscapes, a kind of art where he is deemed to be a widely recognized virtuoso.

Seekay displays his talent while transferring big energy to the audience.
As it is shown on his previous releases “Hurts,” “Wonderful,” and “Candlelight” Seekay is all about creating music that is designed to move the listener. “Fall” is a sonic formula that is set to show support to people with depression and a way to attract their attention on the scars it leaves when you love someone and you lose them.

Displaying his full confidence and vivid creativity, we can already assess that if he continues dropping music of this quality carrying important messages, he will be one of the names to count in the Pop music sphere in the coming years.

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