J Sexton Opens Up About His Flaws and Fears in His Song, ‘Notebook’

J Sexton is a Florida-based hip-hop artist that makes encouraging, emotional, and motivational music based on his life experiences. He’s currently working on a project called #52n52 in which he releases a new song every Friday at midnight. It’s a total of 52 songs in 52 weeks!

J Sexton started writing songs during his freshman year in college and fell in love with music. He never fails to invest his time and energy into improving his craft daily. He aims to seize every opportunity for his music. J Sexton describes his sound as unique and as a cool combination of hip-hop and pop music.

In his latest release, ‘Notebook’ discusses his deeply personal thoughts and how he writes them down into a song. For the song, he dives deep into his self-doubts, fears, and overthinking ways. He shares, “The inspiration behind the song was a source of therapy for me after doing so much independently in music by myself. I am constantly thinking about what I can do to better myself and my brand.”

The song starts with the lyrics, “all my thoughts are filled with self-doubt.” J Sexton feels that we, as humans, are all vulnerable. Instead of acting tough, he discussed his flaws and fears in this song. He says, “This song is special and makes you feel the raw emotion and connection to me.”

Watch the lyric video for ‘Notebook’ on YouTube.


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