When 2020 Couldn’t Get ‘Any Worze’, i.am.orange’s New Track Couldn’t Get Any Better

i.am.orange is not your average artist hiding behind a controversial name and story. He is the creator, the one who loves freedom fanatically. His unceasingly intense melodies created in a major key will drive your mind crazy and reinvent your understanding of music and art in general. i.am.orange shows his full range of craziness, emotionality, and rebelliousness in his new mind blowing, explosive masterpiece drop, ‘Any Worze’. 

The artist’s spectrum of sound floats in a flow of his signature melodies made of spirited and determined guitar tunes blended with mystically harmonizing, yet nerve caressing synthesizers. i.am.orange’s vocals are edgy and groovy with a slight taste of blurriness. Everything about ‘Any Worze’ is otherworldly. From sound to poetic lyricism to the experimental core of the idea and the professional delivery, ‘Any Worze’ could not get any better. It has the unique touch of artistic individualism lacking so much in today’s industry, mixed with the creator’s raw talent and wandering nature. 

With this track, i.am.orange goes full-on experimental and bold. His choices may seem weird and even creepy, but they talk to the soul in a level untouched by the conscious. ‘Any Worze’ is your indie dream come true, so go and dive in the surreal dream of madness and open new horizons for yourself. 

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