The Dutch Band Monokino Releases Their New Track In Chinese – “No Return”

George van Wetering, best known as Monokino continues his musical journey with this mesmerizing release of a deep and bittersweet single “No Return” along with a highly anticipated music video that was shot in Nanjing, China.

This project has a story behind it and there is something sad that hovers around it.

“No Return” was written when George was questioning his ability to stay in China. The artist was facing a dilemma: should he return home or not. Sadly, since the pandemic began, the chance to decide has been taken away from the artist, keeping him rooted in Amsterdam. 

Monokino performed his groovy track in Amsterdam during the Chinese New Year celebration of 2020 which became the hit of the evening mainly because this indie-pop single reflects the strong bond that the talented musician has with China.

Delivering a sound full of mystery and groove, perfectly blended with Monokino’s impressive melodic progression skills, the artist has created a piece of inimitable music through which he desperately tries to empower listeners to come together around the project of building bridges between humanity and cultures.

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