Believe in Yourself with Nile Ross’ ‘Same Kid New City’

Nile Ross is a black American hip-hop artist and producer that brings a fresh new face to the music scene with his progressive lyrics and enormous presence. In his music, Nile wants to make sure that his message of growth is present in all his lyrics. He says, “Obstacles in one’s life can provide them with the opportunity to overcome them and ultimately grow into a better person.”

With over 200 tracks and 14 mixtape projects, Nile has proven himself to be a strong contender in today’s ever-expanding music industry. He has devised a process that leads him to make beautiful music. He calls his process “M.F.L.M.: Message, Flow, Lyrics, Magic.

Nile shares, “First, I always focus on the message or story I want to talk about depending on the sound and feel of the instrumental. Then, I mumble the flow of what feels right with the sound and message. Then, I fill in the flow with lyrics. Once I combine all of them, that’s when the magic happens.”

Nile’s ‘Same Kid New City’ is written about his experience moving from Arizona to San Francisco and his adjustments to a much bigger market in the music industry. He wanted the song to embody the combination of falling in love with the Bay Area and learning more about himself during the process.

After taking a chance in a new city and stepping out of his comfort zone, Nile started to believe in himself more. With this new single, he continues to live up to his sound which is “hip-hop and soul encouragement.”

Listen to Nile Ross’ ‘Same Kid New City’ on Soundcloud.

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