1200 Slim’s Heavy New Joint TikTok Exceeds All Expectations

When the heavy hip-hop beats mix with deep lyrics in a flawless flow, nothing can stop the artist from rising to the top. That’s what 1200 Slim did with his new manifestation of a modern version of classic Hip-Hop called “TikTok”. 

The lyrics are overflown by creativity and skill mixed with a harsh, brutal honesty layered over one of the year’s trendiest soundtracks. “TikTok” is the perfect mix of conscious, trap, and traditional Hip-Hop peppered with the magic touch of deeply personal experiences and pure talent. No wonder it turned out to be one of the trendiest singles of the month. The edgy vibe of “TikTok”‘s unique sound passes the feel of 1200 Slim’s double Atlanta and Louisiana background reaching the listener’s experience. 

“TikTok” is the new absolute banger discovering the beauty of vulnerability in harshness. The diverse and versatile flow rare to music catalogues holds the spirits of three generations of music that raised the artist. His mission to reach everyone is accomplished through bringing back solid rap along with a music that makes you move. The single is well crafted and lays the perfect foundation for his soon-to-be-released album Revelations

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