Zilla.Zill’s ‘IDK What I’m Doin’’ is Insane

Okang Ralph, a.k.a Zilla.Zill, is a small-town Houston producer and rapper. He aims to bring smiles via his witty storytelling through invigorating music production and crafty word play. It is his quest to make the music world a brighter place, filled with as much joy as he could possibly contribute –  and fart jokes.

He looks up to Childish Gambino for his confidence and mellow vibes, Tyler the Creator for his brash yet brave direction in his earlier works, and Lil Dicky for his comedic storytelling. He also appreciates many other underground rappers for their attempts at changing the world of rap –  which have been the proletariat in converting rap into something with content consisting of more than money, women, and fame to truly an extension of one’s mind and soul.

His song ‘IDK What I’m Doin’’ was made solely with the purpose of putting out the most about himself on the internet as possible. He was among the many to bring some joy to the world by spitting some funny lines on the mic to an already funny beat he made. From the skit at the beginning to the ‘rant time’ section – it’s got a ton of heart, humor, and character that aids listeners in feeling like they know him personally by the end of the video. 

As indicated by the hook and the title, it’s about how he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing, but that he’s having fun doing it. To close with a little fun fact – the melody is originally the game over theme from Yoshi’s Island

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